New eBook on single parenting!

While I’ve been plugging away at “Forever Thirteen,” the sequel to A Symphony of Cicadas, one of my side projects has been to gather the stories I’ve written in the past and put them together in eBook format. I’m proud to say that I have finished the first book, a collection of stories from 2009 that chronicle the time when the kids and I were first starting out on our own, and the beginning days of my relationship with “Mr. W”. The eBook is due to be published this Saturday (July 27), but because I love you, here’s the first peek at what the cover is going to look like:

Hey look!  It’s us from 2009!

It will be part of my Wine Country Mom series, starting with this book of the early days, all the way through to the tales of remarriage and blending a family. The stories are from my family blog,, with a few new stories thrown in.

And I hope you’ll join me for its big debut this Saturday!

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