The Writing Process Blog Tour!

My cousin, Erica, joined me on the Writing Process blog tour, and shared her own writing process. The way she writes, I swear it’s like swimming through silk! Go check her out. Heck, go subscribe to her blog to be kept up to date on everything she writes!

When I was seventeen I sat down with my clarinet, made an audition tape (yes…tape…as in cassette), mailed it to the American Music Ambassadors, where it was accepted and a few months later I found myself on a whirlwind concert tour of Europe as part of a national student orchestra.  It was pretty rad, I’m not gonna lie.  We performed ten concerts in ten countries, had a private session in one of the finest recording studios in Switzerland and saw as much of Europe as you possibly can in two weeks.  I made some lifelong memories and you know what… I wasn’t the worst musician there.  I was second-worst.  Cross my heart.  I kinda sucked.  I was second-to-last chair (i.e., second from the very bottom after live auditions), and the two of us bottom-feeders bonded over being not-great together.  Hey, if you have to come in last, might as well do…

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