Review 002. Come Here, Cupcake

Donna, at The Waysian, left the sweetest review for ‘Come Here, Cupcake.’ Check it out!

the waysian;

cupcake-real-2Come Here, Cupcake
Crissi Langwell
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352

Overview:There are three things to know about Morgan Truly.

First, she’s falling in love with a sailor.
Second, baking helps make sense of her emotions.
Third, her baking is enchanted.

Anyone who eats the desserts Morgan bakes will feel the same emotions she was feeling when she baked them. If she’s feeling happy while baking, her desserts will make people feel happy. If she’s sad, they’ll make people feel sad. And if she happens to be feeling romantic while baking… Let’s just say that life gets pretty interesting in her town.

6952056About the Author: Crissi Langwell is a writer, blogger, and novelist. Her latest novel is “Come Here, Cupcake,” a story that combines love, magic and cupcakes in delicious ways. Crissi has written 4 novels in all, as well several other books.

Crissi lives in Northern California with her…

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