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Hot dudes reading, plus the books YOU love to read

Sexy man reading a book in bed while sipping from a cup of coffee.
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This year I have a goal to read about 50 books. If you’re interested, here’s my Goodreads reading challenge for the year. 50 books is generally the amount of books I read in a year, so it’s not really a stretch, and there are a few books I’m looking forward to getting into. I recently finished reading From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout (I’ll tell you more about that in an upcoming blog about the books I read this month). The books I’m looking forward to reading are A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas (probably my most anticipated read, once it releases!), Layla by Colleen Hoover, and How to Kill a Rockstar by Tiffanie DeBartolo. 

On social media, I asked about the books other readers are looking forward to reading. Before I share that, how about some book porn:

Have you ever seen this Instagram account? I’ll admit, I’m more amused by it than turned on, but there really is something sexy about a hot guy reading….

Husband, take note. 😉

Back to the subject. Here are a few of the books that were suggested by other readers: 

Robin Day said, “Mexican Gothic and The Only Good Indians are high on my list.”

Emma Linford said, “New Brandon Sanderson!”

Joelynn Lee said, “I’m hoping Diana Gabaldon finishes her next book. Thinking I might zoom through the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn. I’m currently reading Where the Crawdads Sing and I also have Eden’s Outcasts. Probably going to tackle The HistorianRed Tent and Ken Follett’s books. That’s for pleasure. I also have about 15 books for my thesis to read.”

And my Aunt Caren McLerran said the most epic answer: “My calendar with lots of travel dates on it.”

YES. I miss traveling so much!

How about you? What books are you looking forward to reading in 2021? And what’s your reading goal for the year?

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