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Just Released: Masquerade Mistake

It’s finally here! I’m super excited to announce the book release of Masquerade Mistake, the first book in the Sunset Bay series. You can find Masquerade Mistake on Amazon as paperback and the hardcover collector’s edition, as you see here, and on Kindle. This book is also included in the Kindle Unlimited catalogue, for those who subscribe.

For those who are new to this book, this steamy romance starts with a one-night anonymous fling at a masquerade party, which results in a pregnancy. Seven years later, the two lovers meet again. She realizes it’s him. He has no idea. Plus, he’s made it clear that he never wants kids, which should be a dealbreaker … except he’s already a father…

Download the book here.

What’s also exciting about release day is that I’ve offered a teaser to the next book in the series, Naked Coffee Guy. I’ll tease more about this book later, but if you visit the link above, you can also find the pre-sale to book 2 of the Sunset Bay series (and the super spicy cover!).

Thank you for celebrating release day with me, and I hope you enjoy Masquerade Mistake!

P.S. Below is a fun video I posted to Instagram that tells a little more about the story.

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