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Naked Coffee Guy: Meet Maren Huerta

He ruined my life. Now he’s ruining me for any other man.

(Read Mac’s POV here)

The night I met Mac at that rooftop bar, I couldn’t help my attraction. With his broad shoulders, long beard, and deep blue eyes that penetrated my soul, he was built like a Viking god. But it was more than that. It was the intense way he listened to me, how he spoke so much meaning into life, and how we both came from hardship and made a way for ourselves. Of course, his way led him to big money while mine led to a poor paying coffee shop and, as of today, a 30-day notice to find a new place to live or be homeless. Again. 

But then he kissed me under the stars, and nothing else mattered. For the first time, I entertained what it would be like to give in to this attraction and see where this could go. 

That is, until I discover that Mac wasn’t some philosophical Viking god, but the money-hungry real estate agent responsible for selling my apartment and forcing my eviction. Every good feeling I had about Mac evaporated as I realized he was just a selfish and heartless man whose main interest is his own financial gain.

Yet, I still had to find a place to live, which is why I’m now crashing at my co-worker’s house in the tiniest room possible, surrounded by my new roommate’s clutter. But it’s not all bad. The new digs come with low rent, a place to sleep, and a front row view of my co-worker’s hot as hell neighbor, Naked Coffee Guy, on his morning stroll. 

The first time I saw him, I was stunned into submission. There he was, barefoot, shirtless, and carrying just a cup of coffee while he wrapped the whole neighborhood around his finger. But then I noticed his broad shoulders and that delicious beard. A beard I’ve run my fingers through. 

Mac. I hate this man. I want nothing to do with him. So then why am I fantasizing about a casual fling? Maybe just a taste. Something to extinguish my burning addiction to this heartless stranger. 

Naked Coffee Guy is a steamy dual POV enemies to lovers romance with sizzling scenes and a fully-developed love story. This is the second book in the Sunset Bay series. All novels in the Sunset Bay series are complete standalones with HEAs and no cliffhangers, and take place in the same small coastal town.

Stay tuned, next we’ll meet Mac. ❤️‍🔥

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Sneak peek excerpt from Naked Coffee Guy…

I brace my bare feet on the cool surface of the rooftop, feeling his feet slide around mine as he comes even closer. He rests his hand behind my neck, his fingers curling into my hair as I tilt my head toward his.

“Can I…” But he doesn’t finish the question because his mouth is on mine, hands in my hair as he draws me in.

And me? I’m consumed. It’s apparent I have never been kissed before because it’s never felt like this. Mac kisses me with fire, pouring lava into my veins, burning me sweetly as I slowly turn to ash. The whole world disappears, and it’s just us and the earth under the building, rising to meet our feet.

His mouth lifts from mine, and he cups my face, his thumb brushing over the lips he just kissed. And even though I’ve just met him, and there’s so much I don’t yet know about him, I am thoroughly aware that I am now ruined for anyone else.

“I’m a selfish man,” he whispers, still holding my face. “I just had to be a part of whatever you experienced.”

“Mac, you are an experience,” I laugh. But inside, I’m dying. Deceased. Obliterated. How the fuck did I breathe before this man?

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