Romance tropes I love, and the ones that need to go away

I’m currently re-reading the series A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas because A) I’m getting ready for the 4th installment of this series that’s coming out early next year, and B) the swoon is real. From the initial energy between Feyre and Tamlin to the sparks that fly between Feyre and Rhysand, it’s a breath-catching, lip-biting, heart-pounding experience to read these books, and I’m stealing away to read every chance I get. Romance books are full of tropes and character qualities, and ...

Love Letter to Just Desserts

This morning, in an effort to find that peace, I decided to write a love letter to my novel. I know, I know. This is painfully cheesy. But you guys, it worked. Instead of feeling like my manuscript is a burden standing in the way of my happiness, I have this seed of warm love for the story, almost like it’s my own child, held in my hands.

Life is a mother

I’m in this super deep funk right now where I can’t see up from down. Sure, I can blame COVID, but this has been going on since way before we knew what it was like to SIP for months on end. In an attempt to purge myself of every block standing in the way of my writing, I’m going to be ultra vulnerable here and spew my stuff in this blog post. Get comfy. This is long.