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Sunset Bay Series

Masquerade Mistake: Book 1 — Releasing in Late Spring 2023
When Claire Myers graduates high school, all she can think about is going to college and leaving her disappointing life behind in Sunset Bay. But a one-night-stand with a mystery guy at a masquerade party changes her plans. Seven years later, she’s a single mom with an amazing son, but no idea who his father is. That is, until she goes on a blind date and sees her son’s eyes staring back at her. Ethan Chance is everything she could have imagined in a man she could fall for, except for one thing: he doesn’t want kids. Which means Claire must make a decision—keep her son a secret and move on, or let Ethan know he’s a father, whether he wants to be or not.

Naked Coffee Guy: Book 2 — Releasing in Fall 2023
Ever since she was kicked out at 17, Maren Huerta vows she’ll never be homeless again. So when Maren’s apartment is sold to a demolition company, she finds herself in a desperate situation. Just when she’s about to throw away every good decision she’s made in her life, she meets Mac Dermot, a man who knows how to pair a viking beard with a luxury suit, and whose charm and intoxicating kiss takes her away from her problems. That is, until she finds out he’s the agent who sold her apartment and is partially responsible for her predicament. 
Maren makes it her mission to keep away from Mac. Unfortunately, their paths keep crossing—including his daily stroll outside the window of her new home, wearing next to nothing. And as much as Maren is trying to avoid Mac, she can’t deny the magnetic pull between them, especially when he suggests a casual relationship that feels anything but casual. 

Savior Complex: Book 3 — Releasing in 2024
Nina Chance has never been one to develop feelings. She’s more of a love them and leave them kind of girl. But when Kai Parker, a gorgeous stranger, uses his quick wit to rescue her from danger, she can’t deny the unexpected connection, or the desire to get to know him better. There’s only one thing standing in her way—his girlfriend. And while Nina has never cared about a minor detail like that before, this girlfriend also happens to be her coworker. And mixing drama with work is never a good idea. 
Nina does her best to fight her feelings for Kai, but the ultimate test is when a wedding cruise places them in the same room, no girlfriend in sight. And as they drift on the open sea, romance all around, it gets harder and harder to remember why they shouldn’t explore the connection that’s been brewing since the day he stepped in to save her.

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