A Symphony of Cicadas

Sexy, bald British men

“A carnival?” I squealed. “That’s your distraction?” “Can you think of anything better?” she asked. I shook my head with a smile as I surveyed the grounds. I recognized this place; we’d traveled to the boardwalk carnival in Santa Cruz. I hadn’t been there since I was a child, and I flashed back to when …

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Tales of the cat lady

“Muffin!  Mr. Tinkles!” Edna cooed down the hall. She clicked her tongue against the top of her mouth, creating a quick sound that echoed around the house. From a back room we could hear a drop to the ground and a low meow. Edna had described to us two balls of playful fluff when telling …

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When nightmares become books

“Mom, watch out!” he cried, the terror in his voice breaking the moment without warning. I jerked my head forward as a semi-truck straddled the yellow line on the windy road, coming straight at us. With no shoulder on the road, there wasn’t anywhere to pull over on my right. Instead, the right hand side …

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Digitale Stories shared a huge excerpt from my book!

My friend and colleague, Robert Digitale, is not only an excellent journalist, but he is also a man who appreciates a good story.  He is the author of Horse Stalker, has headed up several multi-authored collaborations between both novelists and journalists, and keeps a blog with our local newspaper named Digitale Stories, dedicated entirely to …

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