What if it sucks?

I officially booked my editor yesterday for the novel.  I am both excited beyond belief, and scared witless.  My mother is finishing up her own editing adventure with the story, and has both constructive criticism and not very constructive criticism for it.  I’m just anxious to get it back from her so I can fix …

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Still in rough draft mode

My book is in its second phase of edits, which basically means I have passed it on to my mother to give it a thorough read through before I correct any lingering mistakes and hand it off to the professional editor before I publish it. Which means I basically cannot speak to my mother until …

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The birth of a book

I’ve spent the past 24 hours setting up my Facebook page and Twitter account, and tweaking my website a bit more. I feel like I’m cleaning house in preparation for this new novel. Currently, my husband is taking the first read-through of it, viewing it from a reader’s perspective so that I know where to …

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New beginnings

With one book ready to be edited and another 1/4 of the way done in its rough draft stages, I am closing in on being an actual published author.  Of course, these things take time – mostly wasted time as I have trudged through the muck of fear and hesitation.  Fear of what?  I’m not …

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