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A Symphony of CicadasAs promised, here is my second free gift for subscribing to my newsletter.

A Symphony of Cicadas came out in 2012, and is the first book I published. The inspiration for this story came from a bad dream I had in the months before my wedding. In my dream, I died, but was still able to see everyone I loved as they lived without me, particularly my then-fiance (now my husband!). I remember feeling so sad as I watched him mourn my passing, and both relieved and sad as he moved on with someone else. When I woke up, the beginnings of this novel began to take shape.

A Symphony of Cicadas follows the afterlife of Rachel Ashby. When she and her son die in a tragic car accident, Rachel stays close to her fiance, John, witnessing his slow decline into depression. Likewise, Rachel becomes undone as the reality of her death becomes clear. She’ll never marry John. Everyone she loves is moving on. She’s being left behind.

Left to her own devices, Rachel is headed toward a path of self-destruction, and her unharnessed energy is taking everyone she loves with her. It takes a miracle, and a wise, imperfect guide, to help steer her toward her destiny.


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P.S. If you enjoy this book, be sure to check out the sequel, Forever Thirteen, available in print and ebook. This book tells the story of Joey, Rachel’s son, and his own journey through the afterlife. Find out more at