10 gift ideas for book lovers (plus, some exciting news!)

What I look like when I wake up at 5 a.m. every morning to write. Zzzz…

After 30 days of writing furiously during National Novel Writing Month, I’ve done it. I’ve finished the rough draft of my next novel! Rough, of course, is the operative word. Unlike last year’s novel that just sort of flowed onto the page, this year’s novel has a few rough edges I plan to smooth out in the editing process. But that’s the beauty of writing a rough draft. It’s not about making something beautiful. It’s about creating the bones of a story, and then chipping away at it until the magnificence of the story is revealed.

One thing became clear as I neared the end of writing of this first draft: this story cannot be told in one book. Around day 25, I realized that there was a bigger issue my characters hadn’t realized, and it needed to be addressed. So when I wrote my last word to the first novel on Nov. 29, I took the next day off to plot my course. Then, on Dec. 1, I began writing the sequel.

This means there is some exciting developments for those of you who are fans of The Road to Hope (or are gearing up to read this novel). There will be not one, but TWO books to look forward to reading in the next year that continues Maddie’s story! I plan to release the books close together to ensure there’s no long wait between stories. My goal is to publish by summer of 2017, but really, there’s no set date yet. As soon as I have a date locked in, I will let you know.

In other news, with Christmas coming around, I encourage all of you to put a few books under the tree. Here are 10 gift ideas for book lovers:

Happy start to the holiday season! And happy reading!

Book lovers unite for Independent Bookstore Day


If you’re a book lover, you likely find solace in your local bookstore, breathing in the almond-like scent of book pages while perusing the aisles of colorful covers. Your friends live on the shelves of bookstores—Harry Potter, Elizabeth Bennett, Gandalf, Arya, Katniss Everdeen…. And the authors—JK Rowling, Jane Austen, JRR Tolkien and more—they’re your friends, as well.

In this digital age, finding a good book is easier than ever. But as any book lover will tell you, there is nothing that compares to going to the actual bookstore, walking the aisles and holding the book you are looking for in your hands (or even discovering the book you didn’t even know you were looking for).

Bookstores have also become community centers for book lovers and writers. It’s where you can meet your favorite author on tour, take part in a workshop or fun event, share your books as a local author and network with other avid bibliophiles.

IBD-SlideThis Saturday, April 30, 400 bookstores across the US are taking part in this year’s Independent Bookstore Day. Local to me, this includes Copperfield’s Bookstore, which just opened their 8th store this month in Novato. You can expect a myriad of book events happening at any of the Copperfield’s near you. This includes a talk by successful author, Jean Hegland at the Montgomery Village store at 7 p.m., the Mary Fettig Quartet performing jazz at the Novato store, coloring and story time at all stores from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., a scavenger hunt for readers from 1 p.m. to closing at all stores, and more.

Guests are invite to celebrate IBD with a Book Selfies, read your own writing during an Open Mic hour, take part in prize drawings, and many other fun opportunities.

To learn more about Independent Bookstore Day and how you can spread love to your favorite bookstore, visit www.indiebookstoreday.com.

To see all Copperfield’s Bookstore events near you, visit www.copperfieldsbooks.com/IBD-2016.