In between projects

Today is kind of a quiet day. I find myself in between projects, which means I am unsure of what to do with myself. My coming book, The Road to Hope, is now in the hands of my editor for the next two weeks. This is both exciting (since it’s one of the final steps …

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Brittle Leaves, a poem

The other day I showed a co-worker my new poetry book, Everything I Am Not Saying. She noticed I dedicated it to “Connor”, and wondered who that was. I told her he was my third child who died just a few months before he was supposed to be born. She and I connected over our …

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New eBook on single parenting!

While I’ve been plugging away at “Forever Thirteen,” the sequel to A Symphony of Cicadas, one of my side projects has been to gather the stories I’ve written in the past and put them together in eBook format. I’m proud to say that I have finished the first book, a collection of stories from 2009 …

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