Novel editing – done!

This weekend, I ignored the beautiful weather outside as much as I could and planted my butt in chair for two full days of solid editing.

How to heal your bruised writer’s ego and keep writing

He let me know how strong the bones of the story were, but that it needed more work before it was done. My ego flared brighter with each mark on the story. I mean, I’ve been a writer all my life, and an avid reader. I knew what I was doing, dammit. So I did the mature thing. I decided to quit writing.

Beta Readers, get ready!

Less than two weeks ago I had the great joy of printing out Forever Thirteen in rough draft form. For weeks I’d been editing the heck out of the raw draft, searching for overused words and weak sentences to bring it up to rough draft status. So to finally get to that point was kind …

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Taking a short break

It’s amazing what a little more sleep can do for you! “Slept in” this morning (6:15 am is sleeping in…), instead of my usual 5 am wakeup for writing or editing. In fact, I am taking a week off of all editing and writing (except for my day job!) in efforts to recharge and hit …

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