New Year

2019: My year of focus

I’ve been considering my word for 2019, praying and meditating for the past few days on the one that will further my journey. My word for 2019 is FOCUS, and I’m so excited to take my life path to a whole new level. But it goes further than that. The truth is, my word for the year is actually FIVE words: Pray ~ Plan ~ Focus ~ Execute ~ Persist.

A look back at 2018, my year of confidence

At the end of 2017, I was reeling from three months that included a massive fire that devastated my hometown, a failed book release, a writing project that took my failure to a whole new level, plus the realization that I couldn’t handle the busy life I had created for myself. I was broken. My word for 2018 became confidence, because my confidence was utterly shaken. I needed a year to get a grip and realize my worth.

This is 41

This is 41. This is lots of laughter, so much love, life done well, dreams coming true, and a peaceful soul, combined with moments of negativity, tears, impatience, discomfort, and fatigue. This is being human for 4 decades and feeling more myself with every year that passes. There’s so much more I want out of …

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This beautiful life

Happy last day of 2017! Something that’s really stayed with me the past few days is my tendency to compare my life with others’, or to be consumed by jealousy over things I wish I could do. Here are a few examples: – I recently saw gorgeous photos on Instagram this one woman did of …

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2018: My year of confidence

I should be writing in my novel right now. I have about 3,600 words to go before I reach the magical NaNoWriMo number of 50,000 (though there’s probably about 15,000 more words left of the story). But instead, I want to write here for a moment so I can share some things with you, and …

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What I did in 2015

In 2015: – I wrote 3 books – I published 1 book – I read 21 books – I grew stronger in my faith – I grew deeper in love with my husband – I became an auntie (due in 2016!) – I became a homeowner 😊 – I found peace at work – I …

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