short story

Short Story: The Yellow Dress

“Edison McIntyre,” he said in his thick accent, affecting my heartbeat as he clasped my hand in his. The amused squint of his eyes didn’t help, our secret history flowing between us, unbeknownst to Mr. Finnigan. “Charles has told me all about you,” Sonny continued. “I look forward to us working together.” …

Short Story: My Mother’s Garden

The bees were already at work on the lavender bushes, despite the early hour, and I watered the base of the billowing plants to avoid soaking their fuzzy bodies.

“You’re doing a wonderful job,” I cheered them on, just like Mom used to do. She talked to the bees, the birds, and the plants the same way she’d talk to a child, asking them about their day and offering encouragement. When I was young, I swore they answered her. …

A Bagel in Reno

I’m sitting at the pristine succulent-lined café bar, the city on pause outside, filtered out by clean air and soft music. An elevator ride away and I’ll be in a smoky lobby, surrounded by bells and sirens, the sounds of celebration drowning out the silence of despair.

Big City – Short Fiction

The air had a bite to it, a slapping sting to her fevered skin, as they exited the crowded jazz club into the misty night.

Flash Fiction: The Anchor

Everything goes dark as the car submerges completely, and my breath comes in short gasps. It’s all I can hear above the rushing river and the metal against glass as I continue my attempts at escape.

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