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It started with a song… The inspiration behind For the Birds

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This past year, I went through a bit of a writing slump. When I say a bit, what I really mean was that I was ready to throw in the towel because the book I was working on was bringing me zero joy, and I felt like I was out of ideas. And then, inspiration hit me out of left field in the form of a quarantine album, specifically one of the songs on the album.

Treat your craft (writing, art, etc) like a priority

The biggest obstacle in a creative person’s life is how they view their art. Do you see it as a priority, or is it merely a hobby? If you’d like to find ways to add more creativity to your life in 2020, read this.

All the NaNoWriMo words

Here’s a peek at my NaNoWriMo word count stats, and how I made a phobia-ridden turtle trainer get on a plane for a scavenger hunt in Fiji.

My writing goals for 2019

What are my writing goals for 2019? First, let me share this year’s goals. It was NOT so much to write, but to rest, reset, and learn. I think I’ve done a killer job doing that. One of the ways I’ve done that is by reading A LOT. I’ve read across genres, good writing, bad …

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