Three times a charm

Road2HopeFontFinalFinally, here’s my third free gift from me to you! This book is one of the most special books I’ve ever written. In fact, it was the FIRST book I ever wrote (though I waited a few years before publishing).

In The Road to Hope, I tell the story of Jill Johnson and Maddie Russo, two mothers who experience earth-shattering tragedies that threaten their identities. Jill suffers the loss of her toddler son, and must learn to cope after the unimaginable. Maddie is 16 and pregnant, her parents have kicked her out of the house, and she’s couch surfing with her boyfriend until she ends up on the wrong side of the law. Through a brief encounter, both women change the course of the other’s life, and both are in desperate need of hope to survive.


You can save this to your desktop and add it to your e-reader, or just read it from your computer.

P.S. This book is the start of the Hope Series. If you enjoyed The Road to Hope, be sure to check out Book 2: Hope at the Crossroads, and the upcoming Book 3: Hope and the Broken Girl (coming 2018).