Loving the Wind: The Story of Tiger Lily & Peter Pan

19-002 crissi langwell loving the wind

Hers was a story that was never told…until now.

Long before the Darling children came to Neverland, magic was a myth, fairies were unseen, and the legend of Peter Pan was summed up in a childhood story of a flying boy that stole the moon and kidnapped orphan children.

Princess Tiger Lily had heard all the stories dozens of times. While each retelling seemed more fantastic than the last, she couldn’t help wondering if the tales were true. She would soon find out.

Following a surprise attack on her village, Tiger Lily was taken by pirates, her life placed in the hands of the unscrupulous Captain Hook. Her days were numbered — that is, until the mysterious flying boy of her people’s legends made himself known. Peter Pan relieves the captain of his captive, as well as his left hand, and flies Tiger Lily from the ship.

Faced with this legendary thief of Neverland, the princess is gripped with fear. However, she soon learns that Peter Pan is nothing like the stories she’s heard. Slowly, her fear is replaced with a growing fondness for a boy who refuses to grow up. But just when her heart opens to the possibility of love, she discovers his true story, the reason he can never fall in love, and a secret that could end Neverland forever.

In Loving the Wind, learn the untold story of Tiger Lily, the history of Neverland and its inhabitants, and the tale of the boy who’s stolen many a young girl’s heart.

***Rated G

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  5. I can’t wait to read this!!! I know a living Peter Pan (aka: Peter from the Bible, aka: King Arthur)! He has a Wendy and tinker bell. I asked if I could be tiger Lilly and it totally fits ! Thank you for writing this!

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