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Do 13 year olds blog?

diarypageWhen I was 13, I used an actual paper diary. I have a bunch of old journals in my boxes from way back when, chronicling those awkward teenage years. But now? There are a ton of online alternatives for teenagers to record their innermost thoughts and feelings.

This is something I had to mull over as I did my first read-through of ‘Forever Thirteen’.

At this point in my edits, I’m looking through it for any grammar mistakes, and also making sure the facts I’ve presented are consistent throughout the book. This is the process that will take my story from “raw draft” to “rough draft” – when I can then edit each chapter by adding in further description or prose.

One part of this first read-through was to decide how likely it would be for Joey’s best friend to have a diary where he recorded his thoughts. Would he really have a diary? Or would he have a blog or a Tumblr account? My teenage daughter told me he’d have nothing, that it was highly unlikely for a 13 year old boy to waste his time writing down his thoughts. But the thing is, the character in question isn’t your average 13 year old, so I decided to seek out advice from others.

Through research and a few helpful friends, I found that there are still teenagers who keep a diary. Most would not blog, preferring to keep their most private thoughts away from anyone else. After all, most 13 year olds would rather the whole world didn’t know their most inner secrets or anything that makes them different.

So my character got to keep his wire-bound journal where he shared his thoughts. However, I started a blog for him, making it a mirror copy of what his written diary would be.

This is a secret that only you know!

I’m not giving the web address away yet, but the URL will be included inside the book so that readers can check it out. The blog I’m creating will hold all of the journal entries included in Forever Thirteen, as well as a few extras to give you a glimpse into who this kid was before and after Joey (the main character of Forever Thirteen) died.

Did you ever keep a diary? If you have kids, do they? Or do they prefer something online instead of writing in a book? Share in the comments.

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