Things that happened since Friday

I published my book. 🙂

I went on a $20 date after dinner with my husband where we watched the sunset over Bodega Bay from the comfort of one of our favorite restaurants. It was one of the best dates ever.

I read two whole books (one that was excellent, and one that I felt obligated to finish since I started it…and not worth mentioning…and may even have been unfairly judged since the first book was sooooo good). Thanks to my Kindle, I think I’m obsessed with reading. And I like it. (And tonight, I’m diving into my third book since Friday!)

I woke up at 5 a.m. every morning. Not on purpose.

I took my teenage dog for a 3-mile roundtrip walk to Starbucks, weighted down with a water bottle, my wallet, my Kindle, my iPhone, and two cans of refried beans for good measure in his doggy backpack. I had an iced coffee with soy milk, and we split a cheese plate. Then he slept for three hours straight when we got back home.

Don’t be jealous of my dog’s man parts.

I suffered three ugly burns on my arms and hands thanks to my natural clumsiness not exactly mixing with using a stove. But the stew I made was delicious (it had beer as a base!).

My laptop bit the dust. :-/ (I’m writing this on my husband’s computer)

I was still able to back up all my important files before it completely died. 🙂

I began writing my next book. In a wire notebook. (Look Ma, no Internet!) 😀

I took a momentary break from nixing grains and dairy from my diet. I just got tired of having to plan out all my meals and being so super diligent. And I now feel like crap, I’m totally bloated, and look like I’m 10 pounds heavier (I’m only 2 lbs up). What I really want is chocolate. But I gave dessert up for Lent. And I kind of feel like that’s one area that might not be that great to cheat on. So instead, I’m eating all the bread and cheese. All of it. (And I’m staring the cupcakes someone brought in to the office in the face. Why am I surrounded by delicious treats whenever I’m giving them up, but they’re nowhere to be found when I’m free to eat whatever???)

I ate a sandwich. With bread and cheese.

I cleaned the fridge. Then I cleaned the shower.

I discovered a new song crush.

I began saving $$$ for a new laptop.

What did you do?

3 thoughts on “Things that happened since Friday”

  1. M.L. Millard – Sonoma County, CA – Fiction and now weekly journaling about sheltering in place.

    Ooh, what are you writing next? This weekend I relaxed, went to church, and some lovely friends had us over for dinner.

    1. Crissi Langwell – Crissi Langwell writes romance, women's fiction, young adult novels, and more. Her passion is the story of the underdog, and her stories include ones of determined heroines, family issues, free spirits and more. Beyond writing, Crissi is an avid bookworm, loves to meditate, and has tiny muscles from weight lifting. You have to look closely. She pulls her inspiration from the ocean, and breathes freely among redwoods. Crissi and her husband are both Northern California authors with day jobs. Currently they are kicking their kids out the nest (2 down, 1 to go!), and can't help spoiling their beautiful, bratty Maine Coon cat.

      I’m finishing off the current series with a prequel novel to A Symphony of Cicadas and Forever Thirteen. 🙂

  2. cindamackinnon – – Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon grew up in Latin America (plus a few years in Europe). Her experiences and love for the people, culture and natural setting of Colombia and Costa Rica resulted in her award winning novel, A Place in the World.....her background enables her to weave in details on tropical nature and geology, as well as Latin American society, into her writing. She lives in northern California with her husband and their golden retriever. Blog posts range from writing, multicultural topics, the expat experience and nature.

    We’re in the midst of a bath remodel – not too thrilling. But I am thrilled that it has finally rained in California as I am a wildflower lover and plan to be hiking when it clears up!

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