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Here are some of the books you can look forward to in the near future. To keep up to date on book news and releases, join my mailing list.

For the Birds

It’s been a year since Cricket saw Sonny, back when he chose Wisconsin over her. She thought she was past it, but her heartache says otherwise. When she realizes he’s already moved on, she can’t let him know she still loves him. So she does the only thing she can think of in the moment – invents her own relationship. The only problem? The heart never lies.

And then there’s the mystery macaw her twin sister sent without warning. What is she going to do with this bird?

For the Birds is a second chance love story set in Northern California featuring twin sisters Cricket and Meadow, Cricket’s ex-boyfriend Sonny, and friends Blake and Taye. The story has elements of romance, adventure, family memories, and humor. This book is a novel in progress, with a goal of being my first traditionally published book. Join the journey in my blog, and read short excerpts of the novel here.

Dessert for Dinner series

In Come Here, Cupcake, the first book in the Dessert for Dinner series, Morgan Truly discovers her magical baking abilities, a dark secret from her past, and the truth about her mother’s memory loss. Coming soon is Just Desserts, when Morgan fights to recover her mother’s memory in a trip across the ocean.

Turtle Treasure

When new owners buy his apartment and raise the rent, Neal Collins, a librarian by day and turtle trainer by night, is forced to give up his beloved pets and move. Searching for something new to give him hope, he answers the personal ad of someone looking for an animal lover and travel enthusiast who wants an adventure. But instead of finding love, Neal finds himself on an epic scavenger hunt across the world with a team of misfits, and the prize could solve all his problems. But first he must survive the game.

The Sacrifice

Harley never expected to become the savior of the world. She’s just a girl with a broken heart and a whole lot of regrets. So when creation turns on humanity, threatening to end all of mankind, Harley volunteers as the sacrifice, offering her disappointing life to save everyone else. Instead of facing death, however, she’s left to relive some of the hardest moments of her life, but with a twist—she can change one thing to make it better. With the power to alter her past, Harley can now right one of her wrongs and make life better for those she left behind, as well as alleviate the pain she’s carried for years. But first she must face the moments she’d rather forget, hoping whatever change she makes won’t actually make things worse.

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