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Romance • Women’s Fiction • Literary Fiction • Magical Realism • Young Adult

Crissi Langwell writes romance, magical realism, and literary fiction novels that often feature strong female heroines and tell the story of the underdog. She pulls her inspiration from the ocean, and breathes freely among redwoods. She lives in Northern California with her husband and their blended family of three young adult kids, and a spoiled and sassy cat.

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I never expected to see him again. But there I was, watching as some tall, leggy blonde stumbled against him, grabbing his shoulders as he held her up and smiled too close—intimate close. The kind of close I thought we had, and then mourned for almost a year after he left. 

Then he turned my way. The crowded banquet hall. The lights. The music. All of it disappeared and I saw only him. And I panicked. 

That was the exact moment I knew I wasn’t over Sonny.

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