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In 2050, technology has advanced so that people know the cause and exact date of their natural death. In their final 100 days, Noelle and Ryder fall head first in an unexpected, end-of-life romance with each other. But when they uncover a secret about the numbers, they’re thrown into a fight for their lives and a battle to save the world.

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Loving the Wind

All Tiger Lily wants is to be a warrior and serve as one of the protectors of her people. But there are rules in the Miakoda tribe of Neverland. Girls aren’t allowed to fight or hunt, and princesses are to remain free of danger. However, when pirates threaten her tribe, Tiger Lily is cast in the very center of peril and uncertainty. But it isn’t until she finds herself face to face with the legendary Peter Pan that her true adventure begins.

Rated G – this is a clean read, great for kids and adults

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Come Here, Cupcake

There are three things to know about Morgan Truly. 

First, she’s falling in love with a sailor. 
Second, baking helps make sense of her emotions.
Third, her baking is enchanted.

Anyone who eats the desserts Morgan bakes will feel the same emotions she was feeling when she baked them. If she’s feeling happy while baking, her desserts will make people feel happy. If she’s sad, they’ll make people feel sad. And if she happens to be feeling romantic while baking… Let’s just say that life gets pretty interesting in her town.

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The Hope Series

The Road to Hope (Book 1): Jill Johnson loses her toddler son to an unexpected accident. Maddie Russo is a teen mother on the run, rejected by her parents and left to fend for herself. Both Jill and Maddie have been handed a life neither was prepared for. But through one shared moment in time, both are about to change the other’s life. The Road to Hope shares a story of overcoming tragedy and making things new with the pieces of a broken life.

Hope at the Crossroads (Book 2): No longer homeless, Maddie is ready for a promising future. Her new family loves and supports her as a single mother, college is on the horizon, and with a brand new relationship, this summer is sure to be the start of something wonderful. But when a face from her past comes back into her life, Maddie has some decisions to make—and her choice will change everything.

Hope for the Broken Girl (Book 3): He promised to take care of her. He promised to be a good father to Hope. He promised she’d have everything she ever wanted. He lied.

***Rated R. This series contains scenes that include death, language, sex, and violence.