Numbered: A Dystopian Romance (signed copy)


A signed copy of the paperback version of Numbered, a dystopian romance.


If you only had 100 days left to live, would you still fall in love?

Noelle Edison was ready to die. She’d spent her whole life preparing for this day – a date she has known since she was young. It’s why she’s lived her days as a loner. She already lost her family, the last thing she needs is to forge relationships with people she’ll just have to say goodbye to.

Then she meets Ryder, and everything changes. Now she has someone worth living for. But she only has 100 days left, and the numbers don’t lie.

Or do they?

Set in 2050, Numbered is an end-of-life love story at a time when resources are scarce, rules are rigid, and life spans are predicted thanks to an advancement in medical technology. When Noelle and Ryder meet in their final 100 days, they couldn’t be more different. She’s intent on dying in peace. He’s still not convinced his number is up. Despite their differences, the two can’t avoid their attraction to each other as they bond over caring for the facility’s children, even as they know the timing is bittersweet. But then they discover a secret about the numbers, and both start to wonder if time could be on their side after all.

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