Tease #2, A Symphony of Cicadas

Yesterday I gave you the very first teaser when I posted the prelude of A Symphony of Cicadas.  As we get closer to the release date, I want to share a sneak peek into the book with all of you.  Think of this as your private glimpse before the general public gets to see it – all because you’ve stood behind me in support as I prepare for something so huge….PUBLISHING MY FIRST BOOK!

By the way, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out my blog that tells the synopsis of what the entire story is about.  And don’t forget to enter my Goodreads Giveaway contest for a chance to win a free copy of A Symphony of Cicadas!

At any rate, here’s the very first few paragraphs of A Symphony of Cicadas.  Enjoy!

Chapter One

I could feel the sunlight against the back of my eyelids trying to ease me out of sleep, but I wasn’t ready yet. I was still trying to hang on to the last few strands of a dream where John and I were past the point of planning our wedding and enjoying wedded bliss on our honeymoon. I could almost taste the salt in the air, feel the spray from the ocean, and hear the plaintive questions from seagulls soaring overhead. Opening my eyes would only succeed in ripping me from the light grasp of tropical serenity, throwing me headfirst into the reality that I had on a few weeks until the big day and so much left to do. And I just wasn’t ready.
But my valiant efforts to stay embraced in the warmth of my dream were already starting to fail, the details becoming more skeletal by the minute. Reality tapped at my resolve, scattering the seagulls from my ears and replacing them with the sounds of traffic outside our San Francisco apartment. I breathed in the familiar scent of laundry detergent and sweat, the salty sea smell a mere memory as real life glared through the sunrays that streamed through the window of our bedroom.
John moved next to me, murmuring as he rolled over and settled under the blankets once again. I eased my eyes open to get a glimpse of him before it was time to face the day. The pillow had left light lines on his face, standing out against the mostly pepper scruff that left a shadow against his upper lip and cheeks. He moved his jaw while pursing his lips. It had been a year since he had placed an engagement ring on my finger and I had moved in with him, waking up to his face every morning since. It amazed me that it still felt so brand new. I was certain that even after a million mornings had passed us by, when we were in the twilight of our years, this very first vision of the day would continue to feel like a fresh experience.
He was still asleep, but I couldn’t help scooting over and positioning my body so that I fit against him like a puzzle piece. He gave a deep sigh of contentment as he woke, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and drawing me closer to him. I nestled happily into his arms.
“Mmm, good morning, Rachel,” he said against my ear before brushing his lips against it.

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