Final tease, A Symphony of Cicadas

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In my final sneak preview of A Symphony of Cicadas, I bring you to a flashback that details when John and Rachel meet for the very first time. What I love about this part is that this very meeting is what lifts the wall Rachel has placed around her to guard her heart from being hurt. She meets this guy who she falls for instantly, something that is so unlike her. And it is this moment that changes her life forever.

From the moment I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was different.
* * * *
He had walked into my flower shop, completely lost among the cases of roses and lilies behind the glass.
“Can I help you?” I asked him. He stood with his back to me, and I ignored the distinct broadness of his shoulders that tapered down to a slim waist with a shirt tucked loosely into his jeans. Most of my walk-in customers were men and were looking for flowers because they were brand new in a relationship and wanted to impress their girl or because they had royally messed up and were looking for the quickest way out of the dog house. Working in a profession that catered to already-attached men would have been rather depressing for most single mothers. But I had sworn off men and all their complications years before, and I was more than happy to help a few guys out in the love department. Because of this, I could cater to the most attractive man without stammering under his smoldering gaze.
But I wasn’t prepared when John turned around and looked me straight in the eye.
I had never been a believer of love at first sight. Having been burned by Joey’s father, I was left jaded, and pessimistic that I would ever feel romantic about another man again. Each failed attempt in the dating world only solidified this feeling. But when my eyes met John’s, I felt a jolt run through me and had to look away. This was new, this feeling of electricity that traveled from his eyes to mine. My ears felt hot as my cheeks flamed red. For the first time, I felt my tongue twist up in my mouth so that words became an effort in a moment that seemed to last longer than it really did. But if he noticed, he was too kind to say so, only continuing his search for whatever blossom arrangement brought him into the store in the first place.

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