Day 2 of FREE eBook promotion

It’s nearing the end of my 2nd day of my Kindle promotion for A Symphony of Cicadas.  This morning, I watched as the numbers barely moved at all.  It reached 100 downloads, and I wondered what the heck I could be doing wrong.  So I toyed with the genre, classifying it as Women’s Literature (basically, chick lit) because there are only about 135 free books in that genre, and it gives my book a chance of not being buried.

I am now at about 170 downloads. Granted, it’s still lower than I thought it would be.  But I’m still kind of tickled by this number.  First, I’ve watched as the downloads have picked up a little faster.  It’s kind of exciting to step away from the computer for a couple hours, and then come back to 20 more downloads.  Also, 170 more people have my book.  It’s not thousands.  But it’s 170 people who have the opportunity to READ MY BOOK.

Can’t wait to see what day 3 brings! And hey, if you’ve ever run a KDP Select free promotion, could you please share with me your experience?  I’m curious how others have done, and what I can learn from this for the next time around.

5 thoughts on “Day 2 of FREE eBook promotion”

  1. I bought your eBook on Amazon. I’m only on chapter 5 so give me time to finish and I’ll leave a review. (I’m a slow reader)

  2. One hundred seventy downloads and you’re disappointed! My goodness! My launch was a lengthy front page article in a daily newspaper for a city of 83,000. The result: one download. One sale. So one hundred seventy downloads seem very successful, indeed!

    1. I know. I was being totally unrealistic and ridiculous about the numbers. I honestly thought it was normal to get thousands of free downloads. In the end I got 228, and I now understand how awesome that is! After the promotion, I’ve sold another 13, which, when I think about it, is pretty cool since just a few weeks ago they could have gotten it for free. I just need to keep reminding myself this is just the beginning, and I’m not going to become an overnight success. I’ve got to put in the time. 🙂

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