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If your taste in fiction runs from literary to romance with a bit of adventure sprinkled in, I have a new book to recommend:  A Place in the World by Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon.  Here is the story line:

When her Colombian husband deserts her on his family’s coffee farm in a remote part of the Andes, Alicia struggles to make a life there for herself and her son even as guerrilla uprisings begin to threaten the area, and a nearby volcano rumbles to life. The passionate story, about a young biologist and a multinational cast of characters, is like a South American Out of Africa in the final decades of 1900’s.

This multicultural indie novel has been getting good reviews on Amazon since it came out a few months ago.  For more reviews and to read the first two chapters of the book go to:  

Reviews – by two other writers of multicultural fiction and memoir)

“Set down by fate on a remote coffee plantation in the mountains of Colombia, a young American expat discovers her deepest passions. The rainforest itself is the book’s most detailed and compelling character, and it’s this sense of place that holds Alicia most firmly ……..where her love for the people around her slowly comes to fruition. Gentle, moving, and elegiac, A Place in the World tells the story of a young woman who transforms an alien place into the home of her heart, and in the process transforms herself as well.” – Anastasia Hobbet, author of Pleasure of Believing and Small Kingdoms

“The moment you read the first paragraph, you are hooked …caught up in the beauty and wonders of the lush rainforest of Colombia. Alicia’s resilient spirit finds her a place in a man’s world, in spite of calamities. MacKinnon’s gift for weaving intrigue, adventure and passion …. into the lives of ordinary people …is sheer pleasure…. culminating in a riveting climax!” -Nona Mock Wyman, author of Chopstick Childhood and Bamboo Women.

About the author:                                       

Cinda MacKinnon Cinda MacKinnon has lived in six different countries, but grew up in Latin America. She began telling stories to her little brother when they were children in Bogotá. Her experiences and love for the people, culture and natural setting of Colombia were the inspiration for A Place in the World.

She is a writer, former university lecturer, and environmental scientist. She studied biology, has an MS in geology and a longtime passion for botany.  This background is apparent in the details on tropical nature and geology, as well as Latino society, that appear in her writing. Last year she published an award winning short story.   Cinda has also written articles on environmental topics and received the William Penn Mott Jr. Award for environmental advocacy.

Gaston She lives in northern California with her husband Tom and their golden retriever.  Gaston is a “career-changed” dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind where Tom and Cinda have been long time volunteers.

Cinda will appear on a local (San Francisco Bay) TV program (channel 30) called Conversations, to discuss her book. It will air starting Oct. 21, 2013. She has also been invited by The Next Word, a Washington D.C. area TV program (tentative date Oct. 29).

A Place in the World is now available in eBook formats on all electronic venues as well as in print. (A complimentary eBook is available to reviewers).


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  1. The description along with the title and the cover make you want to pick up this book. I am following this tour.

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