99 cent books, and more.

First bit of news: Forever Thirteen is 99 cents TODAY ONLY. Get it here —-> http://amzn.to/1o6hMwL

A Symphony of Cicadas is too. —-> http://amzn.to/1bM5s2u

You could totally download both of them today and be set for your weekend reading.


I’m also posting new chapters of A Symphony of Cicadas for free over at Wattpad. Today I posted Chapter 10. Here’s a link to the preview — > http://bit.ly/RcznHC

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a snippet of Chapter 10.


A Symphony of Cicadas – Chapter 10 excerpt

Sam never did come home that night. I left John alone in the apartment and found Sam huddled in the poor lighting of a pier a dozen blocks from the apartment. He sat at the edge, tossing tiny rocks one by one into the still water below. They lay gathered in a pile near his crossed legs, collected on his walk towards the bay. It was a fascination he had carried with him from his childhood, gathering rocks in moments of his life, one for each experience to hold onto the memory a little longer. There were rocks in his room that looked to be just ordinary pebbles to the unknowing eye, but held secrets that only he knew every time he looked at them. He could tell where each rock was from and what he was doing in the moment, even years after collecting the insignificant pebble.

He never felt younger than he did as he sat alone on the pier away from his depressing home. In that moment he was five years old, lost and needing some guidance in the confusing reality of being fifteen. Trying to let go of the hurts that tore at him, he watched as each pebble dropped from his hand, taking its memory into the blackness of the water and disappearing. I was surprised to see my face among the images he included in his tally of life’s unfairness. But at the front of the list was his father, John’s likeness making numerous appearances as the list grew longer and longer until everything disappeared except for him.

“I don’t even care,” Sam said out loud to no one, trying to convince himself that this was how he felt. He couldn’t fool himself, however, and swiped at the tears that kept spilling from his eyes….


Intrigued? Good. Now go take part in one of the deals I just handed you. Have a great weekend!


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