Cover reveal! And publish date for Come Here, Cupcake!

After months and months of blood, sweat and tears, working with an awesome story team, lots and lots of revisions, being talked off the ledge, more tears and a few cupcakes, I can finally announce the date you can expect to have Come Here, Cupcake in your hot little hands!

Drum roll please…..


You guys, that’s less than a month away! But wait! There’s more!

Are you ready for the cover?




Is that not the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen? The cover art of Come Here, Cupcake was created by talented artist and my dear friend, Rachel Corn-Hicks.

Here’s the story about Rachel. For years, Rachel has delighted all of her friends, myself included, with gifts of calendars featuring all of her art. Every month, I couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what the next month would bring. So when the story of Come Here, Cupcake came about, I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect it would be for Rachel’s art to be on the cover.

What I love about this book the most is that it’s been a labor of love. I worked very closely with my good friends, Alberto Melendez and Katie Talbot (aka Studio Rawr – check out their podcast, Random Survivors Club, a gab fest that starts out on Walking Dead, but always evolves into fun  tangents), who both helped to guide the story as my developmental editors (zombie lovers? On a book about cupcakes and magic??? You guys, it totally works. And no, there are no zombies in this book. Sorry.)…

And now the cover holds the gorgeous art of my friend, Rachel.

Next up, the back cover:

Here’s what it says:

There are four things to know about Morgan Truly.

  1. She is not thrilled to have moved back to her seaside town of Bodega Bay.
  2. She’s falling for a handsome rugged seafarer.
  3. She’s discovering that she loves baking.
  4. But with that discovery of baking comes a dark secret.

Set in the sleepy coastal town of Bodega Bay in California, Crissi Langwell blends the ingredients of family bonds, good friends, first kisses and accidental enchantments to create a delicious story that is meant to be devoured.

So now the question is…. Who’s ready for Cupcakes? 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I hope that’s a good thing, lol. I’d hemmed and hawed about whether to use original art, or use photography like everyone else. As you can see, original art won out. Why be like everyone else?

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