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5 favorite things about my dog

My dog, Jasper, is nuts. Not just a little nuts, but certified crazy. His favorite thing to do is spend hours staring at light or shadows on the walls. In the winter, his job is to protect us from the evil smoke coming out of our neighbor’s chimney. If anyone comes to the door, he seriously loses himself. He has a penchant for growling. And he is passionate about his role as the official fly hunter of the house.

But beyond all that, I’m super crazy about this dog (except for when he’s driving me crazy!). Here are 5 things I absolutely adore about him.

  1. His ears. When we got Jasper, his ears were normal. Then they just started growing and wouldn’t stop. We begin to wonder if his ears would stay up or stay down. Seems they couldn’t make up their mind. When he stands at attention, his ears stick straight up. But in their natural state, one flops over his head. His floppy-eared look is just part of his charm.

  1. His morning greetings. If my husband lets him in our room before I wake up, the first thing Jasper does is go to my side of the bed for some love. In the moment, I feel like his favorite person.

  1. His relationship with my son. These two are one in the same. Both are equal parts sweet and crazy. Raising Jasper has been like raising toddler Lucas. Maybe that’s why Jasper adores Lucas. And even though Lucas won’t admit it, I think he adores Jasper, too. (guitar photo)

  1. The way he sits. I think my dog believes he’s actually a human (or “hooman,” as my son says). He just can’t sit like a regular dog.

  1. He likes to be near me. When I’m sitting on the couch, he jumps up and lays next to me. When I’m at the table, he’s at my feet. When I’m writing in my chair, he’s curled up next to it on the floor. It’s really sweet.

What are some of the things you adore about your pet?

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