5 favorite things to eat

I love food.


Seriously, PeeWee, I would if I could (sorry hubby).

And food loves me, too. This is why the wedding dress I wore 4 years ago (this Thursday! Happy anniversary to the other love in my life!) no longer fits, my free time is now spent at the gym, and dieting just makes me miserable….because FOOD!

So for today, we are throwing caution to the wind and indulging in a calorie fest of everything delicious, starting with my 5 favorite foods of all time.

  1. sushi1SUSHI. When I’m asked which food I would eat if it were the only food I could have for the rest of my life, sushi would win every time. I mean, it’s the perfect food. You have your rice, vegetables, and meat, all wrapped up in one bite. I love adding a slice of pickled ginger and a dab of wasabi to the top for the ideal taste. There was a time when I was super strict about grains in my diet, including rice, which made sushi off-limits. When I finally caved and tried sushi again, my stomach just couldn’t handle it, which made me so sad. So now I allow rice back in my diet, partly because it’s a good filler, but mostly so I can eat sushi now and then and not feel sick.

  1. in-n-out-burger
      Who needs a bun when In-N-Out makes protein style? Yum! (Photo: Celia Community)

    HAMBURGER. I love a super loaded hamburger with all the fixings. I mean, seriously, what can you NOT put on a burger? There’s the usual—avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon… And then there’s the unusual—kimchi, pesto, brie, Portobello mushroom… You can dress a burger up, or dress it down. The sky’s the limit. Being a Californian, I am a disciple of In-N-Out—one of the best reasons to live in this state (because the high-priced real estate is not doing it). But really, a good ol’ fashioned burger on the grill is the best way to go.

  1. EGGS.

    That’s pretty much me. My every morning meal always includes eggs. If it doesn’t, it’s not breakfast. I’ll eat them with a slice of Udi’s toast, with sweet potatoes, with black beans, topped with Sriracha, or in a corn tortilla. If there’s nothing planned for dinner, I’ll eat them then, too. If I’m hungry and I don’t know what to eat, I whip up some eggs. Scrambled is my favorite, but really, I like them any way.

  1. chocolate-covered-strawberries
      It has fruit, so it’s healthy, right?

    CHOCOLATE. What did women do before chocolate? When I have a piece of rich, dark chocolate, I suddenly realize I’ve been holding my breath until that very moment, and that tiny piece of Heaven has allowed me to breathe again. Besides the fact that the chocolate has to be dark, I don’t discriminate. One of my obsessions is salted dark chocolate. The other is Trader Joe’s Almond Milk Chocolate Ice Cream (it’s seriously like pudding).

  1. nori-sandwich
      A nori wrap sandwich: the perfect substitute if sushi is your all time favorite food, you’re craving a sandwich, and you don’t want bread.

    TURKEY SANDWICH. When I first stripped gluten from my diet, the food I missed the most were sandwiches. There was a time when GF bread was a sorry excuse for a substitute, and it was better to just find a new way to enjoy sandwiches. So I did. I made turkey rollups with cheese, avocado, and condiments inside. I ate turkey on rice crackers. I layered turkey and all the sandwich fixings on lettuce and rolled it in a nori (seaweed) sheet. And all of this worked just fine. But when you love sandwiches like I do, nothing compares to turkey between two slices of bread. Someone must have clued in the GF bread companies that their product sucked, because all of a sudden, GF bread started to taste really good. No longer was it this crumbly, dry almost-food. Now you can get GF bread that’s soft and delicious—just like real bread. Suddenly, the world is full of color once again. Now make me a sammich.

Hungry? Tell me which foods you’re obsessed with in the comments.

3 thoughts on “5 favorite things to eat”

  1. I’ve been eating (addicted to) sushi since 1977. I’m one of the strange ones, though. I eat all the authentic items: natto, uni with quail egg, ikura, you name it. If I ever won the lotto, I would eat sushi at least twice a week.
    My other favorite food is chocolate. BUT…it must be dark. Not only because of the anit-oxidants, but because it’s less sweet and soooo delicious.
    Sushi sometime, Crissi?

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