What I’m writing (Sunset Bay – a sneak peek!)

I’ve been plugging away at my Sunset Bay series, with two books slated to release this year (no dates yet, but I hope to announce them soon!). Currently I’m finishing the second book in the series, tentatively named Naked Coffee Guy, and I really loved what I wrote this weekend. So, even though I haven’t shared much about either book, I am going out of order and sharing a short excerpt to the second book in the series.

Here’s a peek. Tell me if you’d read more. 😉 

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Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

We finally reach our destination, which is basically a large parking lot lit by street lamps, and a dome-like stone building at the far end. It looks kind of like a…

“A cave?” I ask, peering closer. It’s large, definitely man-made, and offering a warm glow, though I can’t see anything else inside. I turn to Mac, who still isn’t saying a word about what we’re embarking on. He gets out of the car and jogs to my side. I feel more grown up and elegant than ever as he opens my door and holds out his hand. Have I ever been on a date before? Looking back, I realize this could be the first. I didn’t think I had many firsts left in my life.

I take Mac’s hand, and he pulls me to my feet. Even in my heels I have to look up at him, and I warm at the way his blue eyes watch me, as if he can see inside my soul. This is different. How have I never experienced this before, any of this? The sexual energy between us is electric, but it’s more than that. I can see myself in the reflection of his iris, and it mirrors the connection I’m feeling with him…as if my whole being has been breathlessly on pause until Mac stepped into my life.

It is said that time is irrelevant, that everything that has ever been and will be exists in a sphere without beginning or end. It’s a complex theory I never understood until this moment now, in Mac’s arms, my whole life making sense. I have always known this man. I just hadn’t met him yet.

“Ready?” he asks. He’s talking about whatever lies beyond the threshold of that cave. But he could also mean whatever is in store for us, whatever this is, and whatever will happen to my heart as a result.

“I don’t even know what to be ready for.”

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