Everything I Am Not Saying

I am but a small grain of sand
Lying in a deep cave
Under a vast ocean
Rising and falling
By the power of the moon
Which shines brightly through the night
In a cloudless sky
Covering the earth
In a mighty galaxy
Of an endless universe
Residing in the very left corner
Of your lovely heart.
– Small, by Crissi Langwell

Before I wrote fiction, I wanted to find a way to create prose in storytelling. Through poetry, I found it. These verses travel through emotions of love, heartache, joy, and despair. Some of the poems are true, many were poems I wished to be true. And all of them are words that led to love, brand new worlds, and stories that needed to be told.

These are the poems that helped the ink start flowing.

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Author note: Many of the poems in this book are created using artistic formatting, surrounded by art. It turned out beautifully in print. However, I have omitted the art and some formatting from the eBook to keep the cost low and to ensure a better reading experience on a tablet. Because of this, it is my recommendation that anyone wishing to read this book do so on the print version. But both versions still hold the same poetry and emotions. And all of it is some of my most personal, soul-filled writing.

Here are a few more poems from the book:

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