Hope at the Crossroads ~ Book 2

She’d been lost in Sonoma County, abandoned by her boyfriend and discarded by her parents in the small town of Petaluma. She was 16, pregnant, and sleeping on a pile of clothes until a kind, elderly couple took her in and gave her hope.

No longer homeless, Maddie Russo is now ready for a promising future. Her new family loves and supports her as a single mother, college is on the horizon, and with a brand new relationship, this summer is sure to be the start of something wonderful. But when faced with her past, Maddie has some decisions to make—and her choice will change everything.

In Hope at the Crossroads, Crissi Langwell shares a story about the inner battle of identity. Through Maddie, she shares about what happens when life changes, but the mind hasn’t. This is a story about worthiness, overcoming old narratives, and the tug-of-war between moving forward and staying stuck in the past.

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Book 2 of The Road to Hope series:
#1. The Road to Hope
#2. Hope at the Crossroads
#3. Hope for the Broken Girl

WARNING: This series contains scenes that include death, language, sex, and violence.

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