The Hope series

Hope Series

The Road to Hope (Book 1): Jill Johnson loses her toddler son to an unexpected accident. Maddie Russo is a teen mother on the run, rejected by her parents and left to fend for herself. Both Jill and Maddie have been handed a life neither was prepared for. But through one shared moment in time, both are about to change the other’s life. The Road to Hope shares a story of overcoming tragedy and making things new with the pieces of a broken life.

Hope at the Crossroads (Book 2): No longer homeless, Maddie is ready for a promising future. Her new family loves and supports her as a single mother, college is on the horizon, and with a brand new relationship, this summer is sure to be the start of something wonderful. But when a face from her past comes back into her life, Maddie has some decisions to make—and her choice will change everything.

Hope for the Broken Girl (Book 3): He promised to take care of her. He promised to be a good father to Hope. He promised she’d have everything she ever wanted. He lied.

WARNING: This series contains scenes that include death, language, sex, and violence.

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