SHHHH…. Super secret news for fans only.

Earlier this week I announced the upcoming arrival of ‘Golf Balls, Eight Year Olds & Double Paned WIndows,’ my blog eBook on stories about my life as a single mother. Guess what?

It’s published NOW!

The chapters are cleaned up versions of past blog entries over at, the blog I keep that tells stories of my family’s adventures – from single-parent to blended family household. This book begins that adventure, and will be part of a series of books that collect these stories. And all of the stories in this book are now hidden in the blog, so the only way you can read them is through this eBook.

But that’s not my super secret news. The bigger news is that I don’t want you to buy it today.

I know, I know. I’ve gone all loony or something. But I actually want you to buy it on MONDAY. Why? Because Monday, it will be FREE!

So why am I doing this? Because I love you. And because many of you have stood behind me from my very first blog post, cheering me on even when I totally revealed all the contents of my heart and every single triumph and mistake I’ve made along the way. As a thank you, I do not want you to have to pay for this book. I want to give it to you as a gift.

I know there are a few of you who will still take issue with this, unable to accept something I’ve poured my heart into for free. But there are plenty of ways you can reciprocate the love without actually having to pay for the book.

For example, I’ll accept the following:

– Coffee gift cards
– Cupcakes (thanks Anastasia!)
– Leather bound journals
– Beautiful gel ink pens
– A new Mac Air Pro computer with all the bells and whistles
– iTunes gift card
– A pony

Or, my very favorite way you can say thank you:

Leave a review on Amazon, and maybe even Goodreads, too.


And if you really love it, you can also share the news with your friends.

Of course, if you’re hell bent on paying $2.99 for this eBook, you have until midnight Sunday night, or you can just wait until Tuesday.


And then let me know what you think!


P.S. this post has changed to reflect a new date. Seems I am a dufus about using a calendar. The promotion was originally supposed to take place on Sunday, but is now taking place on Monday, July 29.

7 thoughts on “SHHHH…. Super secret news for fans only.”

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  3. Looks like fun, can’t wait to read it. But I guess I’ll have to buy it on Amazon since I’m fresh out of Mac Air Pro’s and pony’s. (I’m sure it’s worth more than a cupcake or a cup of coffee)
    Have fun!
    Richard & Salty Tails

      1. I don’t know, sounds way to easy to me.
        Must be a guy thing.
        Salty seems to think anything is good if it’s free, so I guess well give it a try.

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