Well that’s embarassing…

I woke up this morning, wondering how many free downloads “Golf Balls, Eight Year Olds & Dual Paned Windows” had racked up in the six hours since the promotion began. It was probably in the thousands, maybe even the millions at this point. I checked the numbers….


Wait, what? That can’t be right. I went to the book page on Amazon, and it was just as I suspected – It wasn’t for free; there was a price attached to my book! So then I went to my promotion page to see what gives, and there it was.

I chose the wrong date. The actual start date is MONDAY, July 29, and not today.

So embarrassing.

So hang in there, that’s only a few hours away. And in the meantime, go over to Goodreads and add this book to your “To Read” list, mkay? —>http://bit.ly/12QXewa

Thanks, and I’m sorry!

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