My thanks to you.

I’m at work today on Thanksgiving – my day job outside of writing. This is one of the things I’m grateful for – a job I get to go to every day, a chance to make a difference through my work, and a paycheck to support my family with. There are many who aren’t as fortunate as me. This is something I forget time to time, especially when I think work is especially hard. It’s not. And I am fortunate. Today I am listening to my coworker make her calls, and she’s so dang cheerful, just like every day. I love that about her. And I could learn something from her.

In my years, I’ve learned many things. But the most important is about having an attitude of gratitude. Even in my darkest times, there has always been something that has blessed me – a call from a friend, a smile from a stranger, a helping hand, food in my belly, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink….

There are many things going on in this world that confuse me. There’s a lot out there that makes me so sad for humanity. But there’s a lot of goodness, too. Today, I want to focus on that.

On that note, my heartfelt thanks go out to all of you – my family, my friends, and my readers. When I decided to start sharing my writing, you all supported me wholeheartedly. It is your support that I lean on when I feel discouraged. You never fail to cheer me on with each step I make in this writing adventure I’ve embarked on. I only hope my friendship and stories can reciprocate all you’ve done for me. Thank you so much.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. May your blessings be apparent today, and every day. And may you see how much of a blessing you are to those around you. <3

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