Back to the cover drawing board

crumpled paper

Just a short update. I have designed and re-designed the cover for Reclaim Your Creative Soul to the point that the current design no longer looks like something I ever want to look at again. šŸ˜› So I’m scrapping the last design and starting over. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Back to the cover drawing board”

  1. Hi Crissi I think that’s a good plan! I was about to comment on fb but hesitated so it’s good to see what I thought confirmed. I found you via Copperfield’s site – they sell my hand-drawn map cards and photography – and I’m also a graphic designer. If I get inspired in the next couple of days to help you I’ll share my ideas…. It’s a great title and everything is better already with a great title.


  2. You’re welcome!
    So.. I cranked out a few samples rather quickly – maybe it’s the diversion factor.. Probably a good idea to send them your way before I go any further. What’s the better email? Feel free to respond to my gmail acct below.

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