Reclaim Your Creativity: Cover decisions

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Hey everyone! I am working on final edits to the cover for Reclaim Your Creative Soul. Here are three options. The fonts are not finalized, and suggestions are definitely welcomed! This will also be viewed in online stores at small sizes, so that is something to keep in mind.

Of these three options, which one is your favorite? Or is there an idea I didn’t try that you think I should?

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  1. Hi Crissi,

    I’ll give you my two cents. I like the middle one because it’s easier to read. If you want colors I would suggest having colors around the edges but having the text on a white background. And the word “creative” is nearly impossible to read. In a tiny thumbnail, people won’t be able to read the title. I know I’m being very critical but I want this to work for you. Book covers have to be pretty simple. They can be creative and artsy, but the text needs to be easily readable. It’s the word “creativity that needs to be visible and clear. Excited about this book! – Molly

    Here are 3 examples I just found on Amazon. There is artwork on the covers but the text is easy to read:


    1. You’re not being highly critical at all! And you’re the third person to say that about the “creative.” 🙂 this is why I’m crowdsourcing the decision.

      Btw, the links didn’t show up….

      1. Hmmmm. I thought I was sending an email. I will send you an email with the images. They are 3 book cover examples that I thought would be helpful, just for comparison purposes. Honestly, getting a good cover together is one of the hardest parts about getting a book launched!

  2. The first one because it has a bit of colour (I like the last one, but maybe the extra colour detracts from readability). I thought maybe you de-emphasized “creative” on purpose so as to emphasize “Soul.” I don’t care for the orange behind the wine font colour. I like the font sizing in the middle one best.

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