Creative Soul, VOTE on the final book cover!


I love how much feedback I got on the cover for Reclaim Your Creative Soul! A lot of you not only chose your favorite filter, but you also gave suggestions on things to try. So here are the final 6 options. I know which one is my favorite, but I want to give every option a chance. I even put the original design in here, in case you’re partial to that one.

Let me know which of these options you like the best by leaving a comment.

I’ll be counting votes from here, Instagram and Facebook, and will post the results in a few days.

7 thoughts on “Creative Soul, VOTE on the final book cover!”

  1. I just voted for #1 but actually, now that I give it another look I like #4 better because your name shows up better. I hate #6. The colors in the other ones are much more appealing and the design is much more inviting, showing simple tools for a creative project.

    1. I keep going back and forth between 1&4, too. I agree about 6, lol. I mean, I like it. But I like the other version better because you can tell it’s a book on creativity. I’m surprised though, on Facebook everyone is going for 6, though. I think it’s because it’s the one that’s different than all the others. But one person said she didn’t see it at first, another thought it was a logo, and another said she liked #6 best, but would buy #1.

  2. I like #1 and #4. I like the placement of your name in #1, but it’s easier to read your name in #4. Also, #1 and #4 are much more professional-looking than #6, in my humble opinion.

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