A Head Full of Dreams

When I was fresh out of high school, I discovered this alternative rock band called Coldplay. At first I thought they were pretty cool, especially when they came out with this song:

They released a few more songs, and eventually I was hooked. They became my favorite band, and I couldn’t buy their new albums fast enough.

In 2001, they were coming to the Warfield in San Francisco. I was determined to go. The tickets were $39 apiece. Back then, we didn’t have a ton of money to spare, so $39 felt like a chunk of change. Still, I made it happen.

My hubby and me, waiting for Coldplay. 🙂

The day of the concert arrived, and I was raring to go. Unfortunately, my gas tank was not. We were on empty with no funds to replenish. We were going nowhere. The concert came and went, and I never got to see this up and coming band perform.

15 years and 6 more albums later, Coldplay announced their “very last” concert tour. Tickets started at $150 apiece, and if you didn’t snatch them up quick, you’d lose. Knowing my obsession with this band, my husband bought us both tickets as soon as they came available, scoring us awesome seats in the stands.

The concert was on Saturday, and I can honestly say


These guys put their all into it. Chris Martin was all over the stage as they played a full two hours of music, touching every single one of their albums. We were all given bracelets to wear that lit up during the concert, changing colors to create a sea of light choreographed to each song. The whole thing was amazing.

Bracelets handed out before the concert. During the concert, the straps would light up with different colors.

Hopefully this really isn’t their last concert tour. The band is claiming that they are done creating traditional albums, though they swear they’re not breaking up.

When the tour first started, I came across this tear-inducing video of an autistic boy who could not stop crying at Coldplay’s concert. I watched it again yesterday, having experienced the whole concert myself. Yup. Tears!


Now that I’ve experience Coldplay in concert, I can honestly say I will never miss a concert again (even if I have an empty gas tank!!!!). Let’s hope they forget this whole “never touring again” nonsense.

Have you gone to any concerts lately? Which ones have been your favorite?

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