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Every now and then, I like to send out a reminder about the different books I’ve written over the years. I’m currently writing my next book (more on that later!), but for now, here are some of the books you may have missed. Click on the book titles or cover images to purchase from Amazon.


Dystopian Romance


In 2050, technology has advanced so that people know the cause and exact date of their natural death. In their final 100 days, Noelle and Ryder fall head first in an unexpected, end-of-life romance with each other. But when they uncover a secret about the numbers, they’re thrown into a fight for their lives and a battle to save the world. (Read free with Kindle Unlimited!)

Contemporary Fiction:


The Road to Hope (Hope Series, Book 1)
A chance encounter between two mothers changes the course of their lives in a story that addresses issues of child loss, homelessness, teen pregnancy, and more. This series has mature content. (Read free with Kindle Unlimited!)

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Hope at the Crossroads (Hope Series, Book 2)
Teen mother Maddie is ready to turn her life around. But when her past intersects with her present life, she has some hard decisions to make…and her choice will change everything. (Read free with Kindle Unlimited!)


Hope for the Broken Girl (Hope Series, Book 3)
He promised to take care of her. He promised to be a good father to Hope. He promised she’d have everything she ever wanted. He lied. Maddie’s story concludes with the third book of the Hope series. (Read free with Kindle Unlimited!)

(Buy the entire Hope series by clicking here)

Fantasy / Magical Realism

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A Symphony of Cicadas (Forever After, Book 1)
Rachel and her son died in a tragic car accident, weeks before she was to be married. Now she’s in a tug-of-war between life and death, trying to hold on to the man she loves and the life she left behind. (Note: Mature content)

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Forever Thirteen (Forever After, Book 2)
13-year-old Joey is stuck in the afterlife, wedged forever at the awkward place between childhood and teenager. But when his best friend’s grief turns dangerous, Joey realizes he has a purpose worth dying for.

Magical Realism Romance


Come Here, Cupcake (Dessert for Dinner, Book 1)
Morgan Truly discovers she has a knack for baking. What she doesn’t know is that her talent with sweets comes with a sprinkle of magic. (Read free with Kindle Unlimited!)

Fantasy Young Adult:


Loving the Wind
Take a trip to Neverland with the island’s princess, Tiger Lily, as she fights to be seen as the warrior she was born to be. (Read free with Kindle Unlimited!)


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Reclaim Your Creative Soul
The secrets to making room for your craft, even if you live a full-time life.

More coming soon. Stay tuned!

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