Vulnerability hangover? Nah.

Usually after I write an ultra vulnerable post, admitting all the things I’m struggling with, I wake up with a vulnerability hangover. Not today. I feel relief, like breathing is a little easier. I needed to get all that out of me. Yes, my writing block is still there, but it doesn’t feel permanent. I think I’m just in a transition state. 

There’s two things I can do with this. 

First, I can write through it. Just force myself to write until it starts to feel more natural again. This sounds harsh and a little unpleasant, but this has always worked for me in the past. Creativity feeds on repetition. You have to keep coming back to your writing, and your inspiration will eventually start meeting you there, because it knows when to expect you. 

My other option is to just let it be for now, and focus on all the ways I’m already creative. Another friend’s blog post reminded me of this when she described her own writing block, and how she’s just going with the flow by doing other creative things – like embellishing her landscape with gorgeous light schemes.

Just because I’m struggling with writing right now doesn’t mean I’m not being creative, and I’m not even trying to be! I’ve been having a lot of fun in the kitchen lately, making huge, gorgeous salads for lunch or spoiling my family with fun dinners like chicken waffle sandwiches (seriously, to die for). Like everyone who’s been SIP, my garden is now flourishing. I’ve had some fun formatting my writing club’s anthology, which I’m the senior editor of (and formatting is absolutely creative work). I work for a real estate company, and a few agents have been utilizing my writing skills for their house descriptions, and I seriously love telling stories about these homes on sales material. 

I may not be writing a novel, but I’m putting my creative skills to use in many different ways. 

Finally, regardless of what I decide to do during this writing funk, I need to be kind to myself. Speak kind words about what I’m doing, applaud any efforts I make, and recognize when I’m doing my best. 

Do you struggle to be kind to yourself, too? If so, join this kindness challenge with me! Let’s be kind to ourselves as much as possible, ok?

Chat with you soon!

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  1. Everything looks lovely. The food, mouth-watering. That waffle sandwich must be delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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