Hello from the writing cave. Miss me?

This always happens. I make a plan like, say, blogging several times a week. I came up with a schedule, and then go at it full steam. And it’s good for a while.

But then I run out of steam. My ideas seem not as good as they used to seem. I start looking at my plan with dread, and end up abandoning it altogether. I had a full blogging schedule mapped out for the first six months of this year, and around March I just lost my mojo for the rigid schedule I set.

I’m sorry for my absence. I love writing here, but I don’t love rigid blogging schedules. I need to come up with something that falls between writing schedule and easy breezy.

In the meantime, I have things to share!

The first and most exciting news is that For the Birds has gone through beta reading and is now in its final stage before querying! I’m giving it one last read-through just to see if there’s anything else I can cut (this Rom Com came in at a whopping 98K words!), but it’s pretty much done.

Next up is finding an agent. I have my sights set on one agent in particular (though I know it might take several dream agents to find “the one”), and I’m currently perfecting my query letter. You guys, writing a query letter is harder than writing a book! How do you condense everything you love about the book you poured your soul into to just 300 words or less? UGH. Thank God for my writing critique partners who have been through the process and are coaching me on what to do. I’d be lost (and have no chance at finding an agent) without them!

The second bit of news is that I’m now on TikTok. I know! I’m old! But on a whim, I thought I’d join the #BookTok community and have a little fun with it. This may end up being nothing, but it’s definitely a blast.


I’m an author with a day job. Here’s how I spend my day. #booktok #authorlife #authorsoftiktok #readingisfunclub #writertok #foryou @summervibes9855

♬ Summer – Instrumental – Devinney

Finally, I’m gearing up to write my next romance. I have the beginning of an idea sketched out in my mind, but it’s at such an infant stage, I can’t say more than that. I just wanted to tell you first.

What’s new in your world? Any good books you’re reading? Have exciting news to share? Tell me in the comments!

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