For the Birds

For the Birds is a second chance love story set in Northern California with elements of romance, adventure, family memories, and plenty of humor.

The cover of For the Birds, which depicts an illustrated image of a man with facial hair holding a woman with red hair.


When a small town girl crosses paths with her Scottish ex, she fakes a relationship to pretend she’s over him. But now they have to work together, and it’s getting harder to lie. Inspired by the song “Exile” by Taylor Swift and Bon Iver, “For the Birds” is now available to read on all platforms.

Sonny McIntyre. For four years Cricket Stone thought he was her soulmate. The way he always put her first. Their all-night conversations and all-morning love sessions. Not to mention Sonny’s sexy lopsided smile, the roll of his Scottish accent, and the fact that his dog loved her best. 

But then he took a job in Wisconsin, leaving Cricket in California to reassemble the shattered pieces of her heart. 

A year later, Sonny is back, and he’s obviously moved on with the gorgeous woman at his side. Cricket can’t let him know she’s not over him, so she does the only thing she can think of at the moment—fake a relationship with a former fling. It’s the perfect way to save face, and she’s sure she’ll never see Sonny again. But when Cricket discovers she and Sonny will be working together, she’s forced to keep up the lie. Of course, working with Sonny only reminds her of everything she lost when he moved away.

Then there’s the obnoxious macaw, sent by her globe-trotting twin sister Meadow. What’s she going to do with this bird?

And how is she supposed to work with Sonny without completely losing her heart?

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  • Fun Facts about FOR THE BIRDS
  • Overview of For the Birds: When a small town girl crosses paths with her Scottish ex, she fakes a relationship to pretend she’s over him. But now they have to work together, and it’s getting harder to lie.
  • Cricket Stone: The story’s main character is Cricket Stone, a small town event planner, who has just seen Sonny, the former love of her life, at one of her events, in the arms of another woman. She doesn’t want him to know she’s not over him, so she fakes a relationship with a friend to save face. But then she finds out she has to work with Sonny on the next event, and she must maintain the fake relationship or she’ll look like a bigger fool. And her feelings only grow stronger as she and Sonny spend more time together.
  • Sonny McIntyre: Here’s what to know about Sonny – he’s a really good guy. Like, the kind of guy that opens the car door for you, gives incredible bear hugs, is generous with his time, and cares immensely about everyone that’s important to the person he loves. When he was with Cricket, he not only moved mountains for her, but he also became an important member in her family. He was like a big brother to Cricket’s sister Meadow, and he was a solid support to both sisters when their parents died in a car accident.
  • Other characters you should know: Meadow: Cricket's twin sister, and a globe-trotting Instagram influencer Blake: Cricket's former fling, but now a really good friend...and the guy Cricket is pretending to be her boyfriend to save face with Sonny Taye: Cricket's work assistant and friend who is known to save the day (or at least be up front about it)
  • And, of course, the stars of For the Birds: Avery: The obnoxious but lovable macaw, an unexpected gift from Meadow to Cricket Buoy: Sonny's golden retriever dog who loves Cricket best (Cricket's words)
  • nspiration: For the Birds was inspired by the song “Exile,” by Taylor Swift and Bon Iver. I am a huge Bon Iver fan, and I’ve enjoyed Taylor Swift’s music, and something clicked when I heard the lyrics, and the story began to flow through me. The song is about two people who obviously still have unresolved feelings after their relationship has ended. I actually used the first two verses of the song as the very first scene of the book.
  • I hope you enjoy this fun second chance romance!