For the Birds


I never expected to see him again. But there I was, watching as some tall, leggy blonde stumbled against him, grabbing his shoulders as he held her up and smiled too close—intimate close. The kind of close that included inside jokes and all-night conversations, coffee in bed after morning lovemaking, and slow dancing in the kitchen while waiting for the pizza to bake. The kind of close where you could look at the other and just know when he was ready to leave, or he needed to be rescued, or you’d spend your life falling all over him, every goddamn day.

The kind of close I thought we had, and then mourned for almost a year after he left. I thought I had moved past this shit. Seeing him smile as he helped steady her was just as surprising as seeing him at all.

Then he turned my way. The crowded banquet hall. The lights. The music. All of it disappeared and I saw only him. And I panicked.

That was the exact moment I knew I wasn’t over Sonny.

Event planner Cricket thought she was done grieving Sonny, her Scottish ex, but when he shows up at a gala she’s put together, her heart says otherwise. Worse, he’s clearly moved on with the gorgeous woman at his side. To save face, Cricket fakes a relationship with a former fling-turned-friend, which complicates matters when she must work with Sonny to produce the next event. 

And then there’s the mystery macaw, sent by her globe-trotting twin sister Meadow. Cricket thinks she has her hands full with the obnoxious bird, but when a battered Meadow shows up on her doorstep, Cricket realizes there’s more to the story – and her twin isn’t speaking up. 

Meanwhile, Cricket’s fake relationship isn’t going to plan, and she’s getting confusing vibes from Sonny. As Cricket tries to solve the mystery behind her twin’s injuries, she struggles with her own secrets – that she never moved on, and she’ll never stop loving Sonny.

For the Birds is a second chance love story set in Northern California with elements of romance, adventure, family memories, and plenty of humor.

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