A few free books, and some KU news

This is a heads up that all of my books are leaving Kindle Unlimited. To be a part of the KU program, I haven’t been able to offer my ebooks on other platforms like Kobo or Nook, or even through the local library. And while I love that readers who subscribe to KU can read my books for free, I’d love to be able to offer my books to readers on all platforms. Not only that, I’ve noticed my KU borrows have decreased over the past couple months, presenting a perfect opportunity to leave KU and “go wide” with my books.

Numbered has already left KU, but here are ones you can still borrow for free. Btw, if you borrow any of these before their deadline, you can still read them free, even after they leave KU.

Leaving Kindle Unlimited on March 24 (click image for link):

Note: Hope for the Broken Girl will be free to download March 20-24

Leaving Kindle Unlimited on April 8 (click image for link):

And here’s some more freebie news. I’m giving away 5 signed copies of my latest novel, For the Birds on Goodreads!

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