A small town girl, her Scottish ex, and an obnoxious macaw…


When a small town girl crosses paths with her Scottish ex, she fakes a relationship to pretend she’s over him. But now they have to work together, and it’s getting harder to lie. Fans of Emily Henry and Katherine Center will love For the Birds, a quirky and fun romance set in Northern California.

Event planner Cricket thought she was done grieving Sonny, but when he shows up at a gala she’s put together, her heart says otherwise. Worse, he’s clearly moved on with the gorgeous woman at his side. To save face, Cricket fakes a relationship with a former fling-turned-friend, which complicates matters when she must work with Sonny to produce the next event.

Amid this, Cricket becomes the surprise owner of an exotic macaw, sent by her globe-trotting twin sister Meadow. And then a battered Meadow shows up on Cricket’s doorstep, unwilling to explain her bruises and injuries – or why she sent the bird.

Meanwhile, Cricket’s fake relationship isn’t going to plan, and she’s getting confusing vibes from Sonny. As Cricket tries to solve the mystery behind her twin’s injuries, she struggles with her own secrets – that she never moved on, and she’ll never stop loving Sonny.

For the Birds is a second chance romance inspired by the lyrics in the song, “Exile,” by Taylor Swift and Bon Iver. Launching the story with a retelling of that song, author Crissi Langwell has written a book that explores second chances in love, the meaning of home, and the strength in family bonds. It also tells a story of courage as the main character ventures from her small, predictable world into one that is much larger and full of adventure. Written during the pandemic, this is a book that will not only touch those who believe in second chances in love, but anyone who is redefining their purpose in life.

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